Skyfall PvP Server Launch!

Skyfall PvP server will be opening to the public in short order. Likely within the next week. It will be an EASY PvP server. We have been running it for a while now on Medium. This means the first settlers on our server will have access to higher level wild dinosaurs that will not be available in the wild later. We will expand the number of player slots as the community grows. You can read some general information about gameplay in our FAQs.


Cheats/hacks are not permitted on our server. All players should read and be clear on our #rules prior to playing on our server. You should review them regularly to keep up on changes.


Skyfall tribe runs the server under two official staff tribes. Skyfall Builders tribe holds regular player events for the enjoyment and betterment of the player community. Skyfall Masters are the Game Administrators. Supporting members are encouraged to offer suggestions for improving our community. You can read about some of our events on our website.


As with most private Ark servers, we rely heavily on Discord for communication among players and staff. In fact, each of our players is required to register an account on our Discord server. You can use this link to join.


Donations are what keep our server(s) running. Managing private servers takes time and money. You can contribute to the community here on our Donations page. Monthly memberships offer players helpful and interesting rewards as a thank you for your support.

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