Can I Get Stuff from the Admins?

The Short Answer is “no”. We do not interfere in normal gameplay except to enforce our #rules or when running a community events. We will not change it to daylight hours or kill dinosaurs for you or help you get your stuff from a cave. We do not give out free anything to our players individually. Especially if you ask. That is likely to get you ignored. Just as players do not like newbies “begging”, so it goes with Game Administrators. We want to treat all players fairly and as equally as possible so we do not give out things that are not available to others.

Starter Kits

We do offer Starter Kits to players new to our server. Just some basic, primitive essentials. They are offered one-time only. If you would like a Starter Kit, create a support ticket in our #create-ticket discord channel.

Player Event Loot

We host player community events that often offer excellent loot as prizes. Resources, gear, dinos, etc. Lots of it is Ascendant quality.

Loot Requests

We have a #loot-request channel on our Discord server. This channel is for players to request specific loot in our server community events. Your requests are not guaranteed to be honored but we take them into consideration when deciding on loot for our player events.