Community Events

Skyfall PvX hosts several fun and novel community events on a regular basis. Two of our newest are detailed below:

PvP Scavenger Hunts

We host regular PvP Scavenger Hunts. Use a custom interface right here on our website to get pictures of locations on the island you must recognize and find. Or to get instructions on tasks you must complete. All the while, fighting off (or running from) attacks from your fellow contestants! [Read more…]


Skyfall has constructed the largest, physical maze known in Ark Mobile. It is over 700 square tiles of enigmatic mayhem. The structure is so large, we actually hit Structure Limit in it’s design and had to shave off a few tiles. Dangers of all kinds ( and loot!) can be found inside the Maze. You might find the greatest danger of all to be your fellow contestants. [Read more…]