Skyfall PvX

Skyfall is now running a PvX server. A true PvX, with a rectangular PvP zone in the center of the map and PvE to the outside regions. This decision was made due to the rampant griefers maliciously wiping servers with hacks.

You may, of course, build in either zone. Skyfall admins will continue to keep our numerous events PvP oriented by positioning them at least in part in the PvP zone. The PvP Zone will have rewards that offer rare and premium loot such as Tek, Eerie Turrets, Collars, OP Tames, and more to encourage play there.

Having switched to a PvX format, abandoned structures in PvE are no longer able to removed by other players with force. Therefore, we will very soon be activating Structure Decay. This means you must refresh your structures weekly as on official servers. Likewise, your tames must be refreshed regularly as well or they will go wild.

Skyfall Builders will also be more prolific with their Raidable Base building. Generally, tougher bases will be deeper into the PvP zone and have better loot. Do not be surprised to occasionally see Skyfall Builder players defending their assets. As a reminder, these events are the only time in which you may attack Skyfall staff.