How do I get a Starter Kit?

To get your Starter Kit, you must join our discord. Once there, only a few Public channels will be visible to you.

First Read Our Rules

You must first read our #rules. At the bottom of the first-and-only-post in that channel, you will see a section entitled, REQUIRED. There is a small green square emoji with a white checkmark in the center at the bottom of that section. Click this emoji to acknowledge that you want to play on our server and you will automatically be assigned the role of Game Member.

Open a Support Ticket

Once you have your Game Member role, you will see more channels available to you. Click on the #create-ticket channel and then click the green OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET button. Creating a Support ticket will open a new, private channel that only you and our staff can read. In this channel state what support issue you have. In this case, you want a Starter Kit. That’s it! Wait for our staff to respond and coordinate receiving your kit with you.