Can I Buy Resources?

You can always use your server Donation Credits to acquire Resources from our Shop. If donations are not your style, you have some other options below. If you do any of the below, contact Ramsonne on our discord to process your reward coupon.

Promote Our Server With Ads

Help us promote the server and receive a coupon for shop credit. The amount may vary but typically it is about $2.00 worth of credit.

Promote on Reddit

You can UPVOTE our ad on Upvoting gets our server bumped higher in the list, making us visible to more, new players. If you are willing to spend a few more seconds, writing a positive COMMENT in the thread will also help.

Promote on Disboard

Write a positive and interesting REVIEW on our post to give us more credibility with new players. Anyone can also BUMP our listing every two hours to put us at the top of the server list.

Register an Account

You can earn yourself a shop coupon by registering a user account here on our website.