Skyfall Hiring Staff

Skyfall PvXC is growing and we need to fill a couple of new positions. Having the right people in these positions will help grow our community even more, which is beneficial to us all. We use lots of web-based systems for staff jobs and events so require more reading than most other Arks servers. You must be familiar enough with our events and discord and systems to advise new players. Contact Ramsonne on our discord with interest.

We do not hire Administrators without knowing you personally. The positions below are good stepping stones toward that position if you might have interest for the future. Generally speaking, get involved. Be active ingame. Be active on our discord. If you want to be a staff member, especially Admin, demonstrate a willingness to teach, assist, and welcome new players to our server.


We need players who enjoy our server to help promote it to new players. Promote interest in our server events and get commitment from player participants. Must read and write fluent english. Some of the responsibilities include;

  • Know our Discord #rules and protocols as well as our comprehensive Rules
  • Be familiar with our events and especially Kingdoms so that you can explain them to players
  • know where our shop is on the website and how it works
  • know how our currency system works
  • make sure you write reviews and BUMP our ads in #server-promotion channel to attract new players for the server


These are players who have access to exclusive features on the player Dashboard on our website for sending audio/text alerts to Admins for important issues such as Hackers on the server or if the server unexpectedly goes offline. They also scour the map regularly, looking for abandoned structures and tames to enter in our Abandoned Assets list. Skyfall PvX has Structure Decay toggled off so we need to delete things manually. To mitigate the chances of accidentally deleting the assets of an active tribe, we use an Abandoned Assets listing on our discord that updates daily. Players are expected to review it regularly and claim their assets before we delete if they find themselves accidentally on the list.


This is a simple, but helpful role. We need someone to regularly post the most recent Dungeon maps in our discord.


Skyfall Mercenaries either assist player tribes for a short while or fight against them during an event. It depends on the event whether you are helping them farm, build, or pvp. The goal is for our community to have fun. So you do not need to be excellent at pvp, as many of our players are novices to it. But you do need some experience with a variety of game mechanics. Understand how explosives and turrets work and the like. Know how to tribute caves successfully. Have experience in quickly farming for and building large bases. Maturity and humility required. As well as the capacity for following directions. When it comes to pvp, we dont want our mercs slaughtering our players. We want fair fights for them.