Skyfall Manual Structure Decay System

Skyfall PvX has auto Structure (and tame) Decay toggled off. Players can clean up PvP zones themselves. Breaking structure and killing tames at will. In the perma PvE zones its a bit different. There is no mechanic for any player other than the tribe itself to delete structures or kill tames. Obviously, as players leave our server, their assets (structures and tames) are left behind indefinitely. This clogs up the map and eats up the tame and structure limit. It also can interfere with new people building.

Toggling on Decay Structure after a long period of inactivity has unacceptable consequences. Many structures delete immediately offering no chance to refresh. That has not worked for us. So instead we have devised a web-based system in the Utility Dashboard. The player base itself is essential in this process.

Abandoned Assets Table

You must be logged into your account to use most utility modules in your dashboard( Any player can submit the tribe name and coordinates of any structure or tame they think has been abandoned. These assets will remain on the table for a few days. Eventually they will be in the warning stage where they are highlighted in yellow. At this point our system bot will post to the discord #abandoned-list channel and mention @everyone. If you see your tribe asset on this post, notify a Game Admin immediately. If not, a few days later this tribe asset will be highlighted in red on our table and that means deletion by an Admin is imminent.

Note: In a future update we may have a mechanism for players to “claim” a posted tribe asset as ACTIVE directly on the Abandoned Assets table.