Skyfall Manual Structure Decay System

Skyfall PvX has auto Structure (and tame) Decay toggled off. Players can clean up PvP zones themselves. Breaking structure and killing tames at will. In the perma PvE zones its a bit different. There is no mechanic for any player other than the tribe itself to delete structures or kill tames. Obviously, as players leave our server, their assets (structures and tames) are left behind indefinitely. This clogs up the map and eats up the tame and structure limit. It also can interfere with new people building.

Toggling on Decay Structure after a long period of inactivity has unacceptable consequences. Many structures delete immediately offering no chance to refresh. That has not worked for us. So instead we have devised a web-based system in the Utility Dashboard. The player base itself is essential in this process.

Abandoned Assets Table

You must be logged into your account to use most utility modules in your dashboard( Any player can submit the tribe name and coordinates of any structure or tame they think has been abandoned. These assets will remain on the table for a few days. Eventually they will be in the warning stage where they are highlighted in yellow. At this point our system bot will post to the discord #abandoned-list channel and mention @everyone. If you see your tribe asset on this post, notify a Game Admin immediately. If not, a few days later this tribe asset will be highlighted in red on our table and that means deletion by an Admin is imminent.

Note: In a future update we may have a mechanism for players to “claim” a posted tribe asset as ACTIVE directly on the Abandoned Assets table.


Skyfall Hiring Staff

Skyfall PvX is growing and we need to fill a couple of new positions. Having the right people in these positions will help grow our community even more, which is beneficial to us all. We use lots of web-based systems for staff jobs and events so require more reading than most other Arks servers. You must be familiar enough with our events and discord and systems to advise new players. Contact Ramsonne on our discord with interest.

We do not hire Administrators without knowing you personally. The positions below are good stepping stones toward that position if you might have interest for the future. Generally speaking, get involved. Be active ingame. Be active on our discord. If you want to be a staff member, especially Admin, demonstrate a willingness to teach, assist, and welcome new players to our server.


We need players who enjoy our server to help promote it to new players. Promote interest in our server events and get commitment from player participants. We have a few advertisements on third party websites like Reddit and Disboard that you can bump and comment on. You would also seek out quick reviews from our players. Write reviews of your own. You will greet new players ingame and invite them to our discord. In discord, you mentor new players,.. educating them on our rules, events, and website. Must read and write fluent english.


These are players who have access to exclusive features on the player Dashboard on our website for sending audio/text alerts to Admins for important issues such as Hackers on the server or if the server unexpectedly goes offline. They also scour the map regularly, looking for abandoned structures and tames to enter in our Abandoned Assets list. Skyfall PvX has Structure Decay toggled off so we need to delete things manually. To mitigate the chances of accidentally deleting the assets of an active tribe, we use an Abandoned Assets listing on our discord that updates daily. Players are expected to review it regularly and claim their assets before we delete if they find themselves accidentally on the list.


This is a simple, but helpful role. We need someone to regularly post the most recent Dungeon maps in our discord.


Skyfall Mercenaries either assist player tribes for a short while or fight against them during an event. It depends on the event whether you are helping them farm, build, or pvp. The goal is for our community to have fun. So you do not need to be excellent at pvp, as many of our players are novices to it. But you do need some experience with a variety of game mechanics. Understand how explosives and turrets work and the like. Know how to tribute caves successfully. Have experience in quickly farming for and building large bases. Maturity and humility required. As well as the capacity for following directions. When it comes to pvp, we dont want our mercs slaughtering our players. We want fair fights for them.


Can I Buy Resources?

You can always use your server Donation Credits to acquire Resources from our Shop. If donations are not your style, you have some other options below. If you do any of the below, contact Ramsonne on our discord to process your reward coupon.

Promote Our Server With Ads

Help us promote the server and receive a coupon for shop credit. The amount may vary but typically it is about $2.00 worth of credit.

Promote on Reddit

You can UPVOTE our ad on Upvoting gets our server bumped higher in the list, making us visible to more, new players. If you are willing to spend a few more seconds, writing a positive COMMENT in the thread will also help.

Promote on Disboard

Write a positive and interesting REVIEW on our post to give us more credibility with new players. Anyone can also BUMP our listing every two hours to put us at the top of the server list.

Register an Account

You can earn yourself a shop coupon by registering a user account here on our website.


Skyfall PvX Medium

Skyfall Gaming
Skyfall PvX is an unofficial Ark mobile server being run by Skyfall tribe. We have been playing together since 2019 and have earned a reputation for honesty and fair play. We run our server(s) similarly. We’ve chosen PvX because there are so many cheats in the game. We want to afford players the chance to keep their bases safe from hackers in PvE, yet promote play in PvP zone with rewards placed there.

SERVER NAME: Skyfall PvX/Lvl 97/Store/Kits
REGION: NA (North America)
PLATFORM: Ark Mobile

Sales Pitch

Our admins provide unique and fun events, mostly in the PvP zone, that offer premium loot to promote PvP play while offering bases protection from hackers in the PvE zone. We diligently monitor our playerbase for cheats, along with the help of player Bounty Hunters. We employ proprietary web based systems for our players’ use that improve both event quality and cheat monitoring.


  • Our events are unique and most feature an element of PvP. Several make use of our proprietary web-based interface. Event rewards offer rare and premium loot such as Tek, Eerie Turrets, Collars, OP Tames, and more.
  • No server transfers.
  • Our Admins are Skyfall tribe members that exercise fair, unbiased judgement.
  • Quick response Ticketing System for ingame support.
  • Web-based cheat reporting and player Alert systems.
  • We promote discord registration for all players.

Introducing Watchdogs!

The Watchdog program is one in which players help out the staff in improving our community. Players are given an exclusive role, here on our website, to access a private page with a few commands. These command buttons send text Alerts with audio alarms directly to the Game Admins. for a faster response. These alerts may be sent for instances in which the Server is unexpectedly offline or Hackers are spotted online.

You may contact Ramsonne on our discord to apply.


How do I get a Starter Kit?

To get your Starter Kit, you must join our discord. Once there, only a few Public channels will be visible to you.

First Read Our Rules

You must first read our #rules. At the bottom of the first-and-only-post in that channel, you will see a section entitled, REQUIRED. There is a small green square emoji with a white checkmark in the center at the bottom of that section. Click this emoji to acknowledge that you want to play on our server and you will automatically be assigned the role of Game Member.

Open a Support Ticket

Once you have your Game Member role, you will see more channels available to you. Click on the #create-ticket channel and then click the green OPEN A SUPPORT TICKET button. Creating a Support ticket will open a new, private channel that only you and our staff can read. In this channel state what support issue you have. In this case, you want a Starter Kit. That’s it! Wait for our staff to respond and coordinate receiving your kit with you.


Skyfall PvX

Skyfall is now running a PvX server. A true PvX, with a rectangular PvP zone in the center of the map and PvE to the outside regions. This decision was made due to the rampant griefers maliciously wiping servers with hacks.

You may, of course, build in either zone. Skyfall admins will continue to keep our numerous events PvP oriented by positioning them at least in part in the PvP zone. The PvP Zone will have rewards that offer rare and premium loot such as Tek, Eerie Turrets, Collars, OP Tames, and more to encourage play there.

Having switched to a PvX format, abandoned structures in PvE are no longer able to removed by other players with force. Therefore, we will very soon be activating Structure Decay. This means you must refresh your structures weekly as on official servers. Likewise, your tames must be refreshed regularly as well or they will go wild.

Skyfall Builders will also be more prolific with their Raidable Base building. Generally, tougher bases will be deeper into the PvP zone and have better loot. Do not be surprised to occasionally see Skyfall Builder players defending their assets. As a reminder, these events are the only time in which you may attack Skyfall staff.


Can I Get Stuff from the Admins?

The Short Answer is “no”. We do not interfere in normal gameplay except to enforce our #rules or when running a community events. We will not change it to daylight hours or kill dinosaurs for you or help you get your stuff from a cave. We do not give out free anything to our players individually. Especially if you ask. That is likely to get you ignored. Just as players do not like newbies “begging”, so it goes with Game Administrators. We want to treat all players fairly and as equally as possible so we do not give out things that are not available to others.

Starter Kits

We do offer Starter Kits to players new to our server. Just some basic, primitive essentials. They are offered one-time only. If you would like a Starter Kit, create a support ticket in our #create-ticket discord channel.

Player Event Loot

We host player community events that often offer excellent loot as prizes. Resources, gear, dinos, etc. Lots of it is Ascendant quality.

Loot Requests

We have a #loot-request channel on our Discord server. This channel is for players to request specific loot in our server community events. Your requests are not guaranteed to be honored but we take them into consideration when deciding on loot for our player events.


Community Events

Skyfall PvX hosts several fun and novel community events on a regular basis. Two of our newest are detailed below:

PvP Scavenger Hunts

We host regular PvP Scavenger Hunts. Use a custom interface right here on our website to get pictures of locations on the island you must recognize and find. Or to get instructions on tasks you must complete. All the while, fighting off (or running from) attacks from your fellow contestants! [Read more…]


Skyfall has constructed the largest, physical maze known in Ark Mobile. It is over 700 square tiles of enigmatic mayhem. The structure is so large, we actually hit Structure Limit in it’s design and had to shave off a few tiles. Dangers of all kinds ( and loot!) can be found inside the Maze. You might find the greatest danger of all to be your fellow contestants. [Read more…]


So You Want To Be A Game Admin

We have several excellent Game Administrators that have all played Official together. We do not hire strangers straight to Admin so please do not ask. Instead, offer some ideas on how to grow the population on our server; How to improve the gameplay of our existing community. Donate toward the upkeep of the server. Stand out as a player that contributes to the community ingame and discord. Apply for another volunteer role on our server. That will all get our attention.

Game Admin Trust

Game Admins have extra capabilities ingame that other players do not. An unscrupulous Game Admin could wreak havoc on a server and so you need trustworthy people to fulfill that role. We will not be taking on people we don’t know in that capacity. If you really want to be at the top of our list when we may need a Game Admin in the future, give us a chance to get to know you.

“But I Want to Help the Server Grow”

The most common reason we get for wanting to become a Game Admin is, “I really like this server and want to help it grow”. If you really want to help us grow, there are other ways to go about this that don’t involve the risk of having a stranger take on the role of Game Admin. Share some of your ideas with us and help implement them. Write positive comments to our marketing posts on various media. Invest in the community you want to serve.