Can I Get Stuff from the Admins?

The Short Answer is “no”. We do not interfere in normal gameplay except to enforce our #rules or when running a community events. We will not change it to daylight hours or kill dinosaurs for you or help you get your stuff from a cave. We do not give out free anything to our players individually. Especially if you ask. That is likely to get you ignored. Just as players do not like newbies “begging”, so it goes with Game Administrators. We want to treat all players fairly and as equally as possible so we do not give out things that are not available to others.

Starter Kits

We do offer Starter Kits to players new to our server. Just some basic, primitive essentials. They are offered one-time only. If you would like a Starter Kit, create a support ticket in our #create-ticket discord channel.

Player Event Loot

We host player community events that often offer excellent loot as prizes. Resources, gear, dinos, etc. Lots of it is Ascendant quality.

Loot Requests

We have a #loot-request channel on our Discord server. This channel is for players to request specific loot in our server community events. Your requests are not guaranteed to be honored but we take them into consideration when deciding on loot for our player events.


Community Events

Skyfall PvP hosts several fun and novel community events on a regular basis. Two of our newest are detailed below:

PvP Scavenger Hunts

We host regular PvP Scavenger Hunts. Use a custom interface right here on our website to get pictures of locations on the island you must recognize and find. Or to get instructions on tasks you must complete. All the while, fighting off (or running from) attacks from your fellow contestants! [Read more…]

PvP Maze

Skyfall has constructed the largest, physical maze known in Ark Mobile. It is over 700 square tiles of enigmatic mayhem. The structure is so large, we actually hit Structure Limit in it’s design and had to shave off a few tiles. Dangers of all kinds ( and loot!) can be found inside the PvP Maze. You might find the greatest danger of all to be your fellow contestants. [Read more…]


So You Want To Be A Game Admin

As of the writing of this post, we have three Game Administrators that have all played Official together. That is more than enough for a small community, still growing. We are not taking on anymore at the present, so please do not ask. We will surely make clear announcements when we need more. Instead, offer some ideas on how to grow the population on our server; How to improve the gameplay of our existing community. That will get our attention.

Game Admin Trust

Game Admins have extra capabilities ingame that other players do not. An unscrupulous Game Admin could give unfair advantage to particular players and so you need trustworthy people to fulfill that role. We will not be taking on people we don’t know in that capacity. If you really want to be at the top of our list when we may need a Game Admin in the future, give us a chance to get to know you. Play with us. Communicate in our discord. Contribute to the community as a player first.

“But I Want to Help the Server Grow”

The most common reason we get for wanting to become a Game Admin is, “I really like this server and want to help it grow”. If you really want to help us grow, there are other ways to go about this that don’t involve the risk of having a stranger take on the role of Game Admin. Share some of your ideas with us and we may have a spot (or create one) for you on our team.

“I Have Some Great Ideas”

I often hear, “I have some great ideas for improving the server but don’t know how to explain it. Why don’t you just give me a try and I’ll show you”. An inability or unwillingness to articulate your ideas is a sure-fire way to get us to lose interest in your candidacy for our team.