The Compound – A Safe Place to Live

The Compound

The Compound is located at 48 72. It is a large, flat area built with moderate defenses by Skyfall Builders. Players may attack tribes within its borders. However, there are about 60 turrets and other defenses in the area to ward off inexperienced attackers. Residents are chosen from the pool of patrons on our server that request residence.


The purpose of The Compound is to help smaller/newer tribes get established on the server. It is intended to be a relatively safe base for critical storage and crafting. For the sake of avoiding structure limit in the area, tribes are encouraged to forego decorative, non-functional building.

Supporters and Patrons all have access to the #compound private text channel in our discord.


The Compound does have some rules that every resident must follow. Not following these rules may result in your expulsion from the compound, regardless of donation status.

  • You may not place any turrets or Plant X
  • Each tribe is allowed to stable a maximum of five (5) tames in The Compound. No tames larger than a Theri. You can own as many as you like outside the Compound.
  • Do not attack/raid/steal from or in any other way harass other residents in the compound.
  • Tribe Owners are responsible for the actions of their members.
  • Do not in any way impersonate Skyfall Builders. This includes using paint colors used by them in the Compound or using the Skyfall name.
  • No beds are allowed inside the Compound as they block other players from building. You may place sleeping bags.
  • Do not place Battlements, Behemoth Gates, hedges, spike walls, or fences in the Compound.
  • You may only build one building. It may not be more than three walls high or a 3×3 footprint.
  • Do not build outside of your designated plot, in the Compound.
  • Residents should not damage Compound structures or be allied to anyone that does. If we think you have aided an attacker, you risk losing your residence eligibility. You may, and should, defend the Compound.