The Compound – A Safer Hatchery

The Compound

The Compound is an Egg Hatchery complex located at 65 43 in the PvP zone. It is a large, metal tree platform built with defenses by Skyfall Compound tribe. Players may not attack this structure. Residents are patrons on our server that request a hatchery unit. Space is limited. There are a dozen private hatcheries, each equipped with sub-level AC floor units to maximize space, tek troughs, tek lighting, and refrigerators for hatching eggs in style and comfort.


PvE can keep your base safe from Hackers but it cannot protect your eggs from being stolen or newborn babies from being claimed by thieves. For that, a well-defended PvP base is the place to hatch. Turrets and Admin protection will afford renters the security they are looking for from egg thieves.


Supporters and Patrons all have access to the #compound private text channel in our discord.


The Compound does have some rules that every resident must follow. Not following these rules may result in your expulsion from The Compound, regardless of donation status.

  • You may not place any structure anywhere near The Compound. You may place sleeping bags inside your hatchery.
  • Tribes must move babies out immediately after hatching. Compound is for Eggs only.
  • Do not attack/raid/steal from or in any other way harass other residents while in The Compound.
  • Do not attempt to enter any other hatchery units unless expressly invited by the owner.
  • Residents should not damage Compound structures or be allied to anyone that does. If we think you have aided an attacker, you risk losing your residence eligibility. You may, and should, defend the Compound.