Private servers require lots of time, effort, and money to maintain. Your contributions help sustain and improve our community. Thank you.

  1. Your first month's donation payment will count as "credit" in our shop . This credit cannot be applied to Dinosaurs or items On Sale. Create a Support ticket to process with a Game Admin.
  2. You can have a private channel in our server Discord for your tribe that you can manage.
  3. Skyfall Game Admins hold player events of all kinds. Most offer loot rewards to players. Some will offer cool bonus loot rewards or event special-access.
  4. We have a channel called #dj-booth in our discord. With the appropriate donation, we reward you with the ability to control the music player along with our staff for all discord members to enjoy in the #auditorium channel.
  5. Once per month you can coordinate with a Game Admin to change the color of a tribe tame(s). Admins only have the ability to change all color regions at once and the colors selected are random. So you have to cycle through until you find a combination that is pleasing.
  6. The Compound is a relatively safer place to build. It is suitable for newer to moderately experienced players who are not quite ready to build their own defenses yet. This reward earns you the option to build on a single plot within The Compound.