Private servers require lots of time, effort, and money to maintain. Your contributions help sustain and improve our community. They also get you credits each month to use in our Shop. Thank you.

  1. Fifty percent (50%) of your monthly donation will count as "credit" in our shop . Create a Support ticket to process with a Game Admin.
  2. You can have a private channel in our server Discord for your tribe that you can manage.
  3. Skyfall Game Admins hold player events of all kinds. Most offer loot rewards to players. Some will offer cool bonus loot rewards or event special-access.
  4. You are eligible for the role of Watchdog. This gives you access to ALERT buttons (Hacker alert!, Server Offline alert!) on our website that send an intrusive warning to our admins quicker (and louder!) than by discord or other means. It will also automatically post to our discord #alerts channel for you as well.
  5. We have a channel called #dj-booth in our discord. With the appropriate donation, we reward you with the ability to control the music player along with our staff for all discord members to enjoy in the #auditorium channel.
  6. Once per month you can coordinate with a Game Admin to instantly add levels to a tribe tame(s).
  7. Some of our events like the Golden Vault and Raidable Bases are announced in an #event-alerts channel that only those who donate at a certain level have access to. Giving them a head-start on getting the loot!
  8. The Compound is a Hatchery complex in the PvP zone, protected by Skyfall staff and ingame defenses. PvE hatcheries are vulnerable to egg/baby thieves.
  9. A personalized tribe role in our discord allows users to find your tribe more easily and ping all of your tribe members.

If you are banned from our server(s) for any reason including violating our rules as posted on our discord channel, all credits and assumed "entitlements" etc. are foreited.