Private servers require lots of time, effort, and money to maintain. Your contributions help sustain and improve our community. They also get you credits each month to use in our Shop. Thank you.

If you plan on making more than one purchase in a month, Donations are cheaper than direct shopping. A good rule-of-thumb is estimate how much you plan on spending total in a month, and pick the highest dollar package that is under your monthly total estimate. Ie. if you plan on spending $40 in a month, the Mastercraft package will earn you the best savings.

Your % discount will apply directly in your shopping cart. Your credit for the month will be given to you in a coupon code that you apply in your cart.

There will be a checkbox for "Make this a monthly donation". You must check that box to be entitled to your monthly perks. You can cancel at any time with zero penalties.

Once you make a donation, #create-ticket and let an admin tell you you're ready to shop with discounts applied before you start.


  1. Each Donation Package receives a coupon for a flat-dollar-credit on a single purchase in the Skyfall shop that is deducted from your total before anything else. You also receive a (%) percentage discount that will apply to the subtotal after your flat-dollar-credit or any other coupons are applied. This discount does not apply to items already ON SALE.
  2. You can have a private channel in our server Discord for your tribe that you can manage.
  3. Once per day an amount of Rammy Bucks will be deposited in your Savings Account. These Rammy Bucks can be converted into credit to purchase resources in our store.
  4. Once per month you can coordinate with a Game Admin to instantly add levels to a tribe tame(s).
  5. Some of our events like the Golden Vault and Raidable Bases are announced in an #event-alerts channel that only those who donate at a certain level have access to. Giving them a head-start on getting the loot!
  6. The Compound is a complex protected by Skyfall staff and ingame defenses such as turrets and Plant X that we provide. You can build a small structure here to live in.
  7. A personalized tribe role in our discord allows users to find your tribe more easily and ping all of your tribe members.
  8. You can hire an Event Mercenary to guide you through Dungeons or for our Kingdoms community event to farm and/or fight for your tribe.
  9. You can hire a Supporter Mercenary as a Dungeon Guide for two runs each month you are donating.
  10. You are entitled to enter our Store Coupon giveaways in #giveaways discord channel. These coupons are for random discounts that stack with your Donation Pack discount.

If you are banned from our server(s) for any reason including violating our rules as posted on our discord channel, all credits and assumed "entitlements" etc. are foreited.