Skyfall PvX has several player events that we will detail here for you. You do not have to choose to participate in these events and you may not interfere with them. They are held for the betterment of our player community and any trouble making will not be tolerated.


Kingdoms is an opt-in PvP event. There will be a few designated Kingdom Vaults around the PvE portion of the map. Tribes that own one of these Kingdoms are eligible for great rewards from the Skyfall staff. A few times each month, the entire server will be switched over to PvP. This will not be done without advanced notice. It will also only be during times that Skyfall Admins are online to officiate. The server will also be passworded so that only regular Skyfall PvX players will be able to login. [Read more…]

The Purge

Skyfall PvX is hosting The Purge. On a monthly basis, the server will be switched over to PvXC for a 24-hour period. All assets within the changing PvP zone are fair-game for raiding! There are two exceptions. Skyfall tribes of course are off limits unless it is a Skyfall Builders Raid Base. And any tribe with “[NP]” at the beginning of their Tribe Name are not allowed to raid or be raided during the event. [Read more…]


Fragments can be thought of as pieces of an item. If you collect enough Fragments of a particular item, you can turn them in for that actual item. It is always ongoing and nevers ends. Green Metal Signs will be scattered at random times, in random places around the map, but always in the PvP zone. These metal signs will have an 8-digit code written on them. Submit these codes below to collect a Fragment. [Read more…]


Each of the six caves on the island has a magenta colored, Metal Sign near the Artifact. Each has a code written on it but only one is valid for the current Quest. When a Cave Quest announcement is made in discord, usually once daily, the valid code is written on one of those small, Metal Signs. The first person to submit that code in the Cave Quest form earns money directly into their Savings Account.

Skyfall Builders Tribe

Skyfall Builders is an alt. tribe of our Game Administrators. They run many of our events. At times, they will participate in PvP events for the player community to interact with. Such as defending a base that we build for players to attack. Players may only attack or otherwise interfere with Skyfall Builders members when they are acting in the capacity of an event participant. And this will always be announced in discord to avoid confusion.

Raid Bases

Skyfall Builders, an alt. tribe of our Game Administrators, are tasked with building structures for players to eventually raid. The Raid Base will be stocked with goodies as reward for any player(s) who can get them. [Read more…]

King of Carno

King of Carno is a hardcore PvP tribe event. Easy to understand, difficult to master. The Admins. will declare a Target Date at the outset of the event. Tribes must endeavor to conquer Carno Island for their own. Likely this will mean they need to build defenses. Carno Island is a part of the permanent PvP Zone. [Read more…]

Farming Race

Skyfall staff will determine a resource(s) that all participating tribes must farm and drop in their personal event vault at 77, 77. The winning tribe will get 20% of the total each other tribe farmed from each losing tribe‚Äôs vault. Skyfall staff will also give an additional amount to the winner equal to 20% of their own total. [Read more…]

Man Hunt

A Skyfall Builder member(s) will be in the PvP zone for players to find and kill. Players are expected to track down and kill the Target. Take what loot you can get off them![Read more…]

The Golden Vault

The Golden Vault is a loot event organized on a regular, randomized basis. At random times, the vault will be filled with loot by Game Admins. The vault is always unlocked.[Read more…]

PvP Scavenger Hunts

We host regular PvP Scavenger Hunts. Use a custom interface right here on our website to get pictures of locations on the island you must recognize and find. Or to get instructions on tasks you must complete. All the while, fighting off (or running from) attacks from your fellow contestants! [Read more…]

PvP Photo Hunts

We host regular PvP Photo Hunts. Use a custom interface right here on our website to upload screenshots of items you find from our Hunt List. All the while, fighting off (or running from) attacks from your fellow contestants! [Read more…]


Skyfall has constructed the largest, physical maze known in Ark Mobile. It is over 700 square tiles of enigmatic mayhem. The structure is so large, we actually hit Structure Limit in it’s design and had to shave off a few tiles. Dangers of all kinds ( and loot!) can be found inside our Maze. [Read more…]

Runaway Bronto!

Skyfall Builders tribe have had one of their Construction Brontos run amok and it’s on the loose! It’s even been whispered that the bronto is not a runaway at all but rather some thieves absconded with it and plan to use it in an attack on the civilian population. [Read more…]