Frequently Asked Questions

Why play on Skyfall servers?

Skyfall has earned a reputation for fair play. That is what we want on our servers. The hacking and Grove Street’s failed response to it is what killed a large part of the population playing Ark. We have successfully restored a balance to the game where all players are empowered by the same opportunities. We also are active players who closely monitor our community and quickly respond with support. Our discord (1,000+) and ingame (20+ at peak) communities are large and robust. We have been playing actively as Skyfall tribe since 2019, professionally hosting our Unofficial for over two years, and will continue well into the future. We have struck a delicate balance that allows PvP and PvE play to coexist enjoyably in a way that other PvX servers have not.

Do You Have Hackers?

Rarely. Though nearly impossible to eliminate them 100% on any unofficial server, our instances are few and far between for many reasons. We have many systems and rules in place to mitigate hacker interference on our server. Just ask our players. Because of the tight security we employ, getting started on Skyfall takes a little more effort and patience than on other servers, but it is all worth it once you become a regular in our stable community. In the relatively rare event that damage does occur, we help our players replace what was lost or in the rarest of times, we do a server rollback to put everything back to normal.

Do You Host a Discord Server?

Of course! You can find an invite here.

What are the Rules?

Great question. Be sure to read our #rules channel in Discord. We have a more extensive set of rules published on our website with more detail.

Do You Schedule Server Restarts?

Yes. We currently have daily server restarts scheduled at 2:00am EST and 8:00am EST. The server is typically down for a few minutes only. We find that these are optimal times in that players are less likely to be playing in large numbers at these times. When we have removed these restarts, or even just one of them, the server crashes unexpectedly on a fairly regular basis. Our understanding is this is common with busy servers.

What is the server Official Timezone?

We have players from around the world. There is a significant latino population so we offer discord channels and Announcements for spanish speaking players. Our official Timezone is Eastern Standard Time (EST). When not otherwise specified, times and dates are in EST.

Can I be a Game Admin?

Read our Post about this!

How do you mitigate Admin Abuse?

Firstly, we hope our reputation as players offers confidence to those who know us. We don’t use cheats or exploits ourselves on official. We don’t inside tribes or lie. More to the point in this case, our Administrators do not play on servers that they staff.

Can I get free stuff from Game Admins?

Read our Post about this!

How can I get Structure Removed?

We obviously do not want to delete structure from active players. We also have, for player convenience, disabled Structure Decay ingame. So we have a proprietary semi-automated system for doing this.

Why do you accept donations?

Quality private servers require lots of effort and financial costs to maintain and we would like your help in supporting the community we are building.

Do You Host Player Events?

Yes! They are excellent! You can read more about our player events here. Our premier event is a persistent FOB PvP event called Kingdoms.