Eerie Turret

Fragments can be thought of as pieces of an item. If you collect enough Fragments of a particular item, you can turn them in for that actual item. It is as if you crafted the actual item from the Fragments. Some examples of loot you can get from this event are Element, Turrets, Ascendant Flak & Tek, and Amber(x20)!

To "Craft" Amber, you will need to Link your account to an Admin so they can add it to your account.

How It Works

Fragments is considered a Persistent Event for players. Meaning, it is always ongoing and nevers ends. There is no limit to how many players can submit a Fragment code.

Magenta-colored Metal Billboards will be scattered at random times, in random places around the map. Rewards in the PvP zone are greater. Players may NOT destroy these billboards. These metal billboards will have a 4-digit code written on them ingame. Submit these codes in our form below to "collect" a Fragment and earn income to trade with other players or spend in our store. Collect enough Fragments of any item type to Craft the actual item as a prize. Once found, do not wait too long before submitting your Fragment code. After a few days they eventually deactivate.

Crafting Loot

Once you submit a Fragment code, the Fragment will show up in your personal list below, indicating what Type of Fragment it is. Collect the # Needed of any particular Fragment Type and you may have an Admin CRAFT the actual item for you. Create a Ticket in our discord to collect.

Server Supporters will often get a heads-up in Discord on the placement of these Metal Billboards.

Example: If you find 6 Metal Billboards that have codes for Amber (x20) Fragments, submit them in our form below. You can then create a ticket in our discord and an Admin will give you Amber (x20).

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