The Golden Vault

The Golden Vault

The Golden Vault is a loot event organized on a regular, randomized basis. At times announced in our #golden-vault channel, the vault will be filled with loot by Game Admins. Only Supporters and Patrons have access to this discord channel. The vault is always unlocked so anyone may open it and retrieve the loot inside. You should not purposefully damage it.


The Golden Vault will not have any Admin defenses built, other than the metal fencing to help protect it a bit from accidental damage. Players may build outside of the metal fences to "control" the area. Players can build turrets, Plant X, Spam to block access, or even your entire base. Players may attack structures of other player tribes here to gain access to the Golden Vault.

Golden Vault Loot

Often loot items will be Mastercraft or Ascendant. There will always be an assortment of resources and/or crafted materials when we place new loot.