King of Carno

King of Carno

“King of Carno is a hardcore PvP tribe event. Easy to understand, difficult to master.”

The Admins. will declare a Target Date at the outset of the event. Tribes must endeavor to conquer Carno Island for their own. Likely this will mean they need to build defenses. Carno Island is a part of the permanent PvP Zone. At the end of the event, the winning tribe may keep their defenses on Carno Island in preparation for the next King of Carno event.

King of Carno

Current Target Date: Jan 28, 2023 9:00pm EST

Conquering Carno Island

At some point after 9:00pm Eastern Standard Time on the Target Date, a Skyfall staff member will inspect the top of the hill at the center of Carno Island. A tribe is considered to have conquered the island if they are the only tribe with a Multi Panel Flag planted at the top of this central hill at the time of inspection.


The tribe that wins King of Carno will earn a variable list of rewards. At a minimum, there will be;

  • 15,000 Metal Ingots
  • 5,000 Cementing Paste
  • 2,000 Polymer
  • 50 Rockets and a Rocket Turret
  • More determined by Admins (more competition you beat, more loot you get)…