Kingdoms is a Mercenary-eligible event!


Kingdoms is essentially a persistent, FOB-style PvP event on Skyfall PvX server. We have divided the map into several Kingdoms, as shown on our Kingdoms map below. Each Kingdom has a Kingdom Tower in it with a vault placed at the top. Think of this tower as being the capitol where the throne lies. Usually, most of these tower locations are in PvE and therefore safe from any attack. This is the peace time in which Kingdom owners should build defenses around their Kingdom Tower and prepare for war. Tribes that own one of these Kingdoms are eligible to receive great rewards from the Skyfall staff. The longer you can hold a Kingdom, the greater the rewards! At designated times of War, the entire server will be switched to PvP for a few hours so that players can now fight for control of these towers and claim ownership of a Kingdom. The event is opt-in only. Meaning, only those tribes who wish to participate in the event are permitted to be attacked. Player bases may not be attacked. Combat only occurs in vicinity of the Kingdom Tower. Players can only lose what they bring to War around the Kingdom Tower.

Next War Session

Kingdoms PvP Begins

Server PvP

When the countdown timer above ends, the entire server will be switched over to PvP for two (2) or more hours. This is the War portion of the Kingdom event. Skyfall Admins are online to officiate. The server will also be passworded so that only regular Skyfall PvX players will be able to login. The password will always be in the #-verified-members channel of our discord. If you are not pvp-ing over a Kingdom Vault or Raid Base, do not pvp during an event. Kingdom Towers that are in permanent PvP zones can be attacked at any time. This extra risk comes with greater rewards.

Do not even fight in the permanent PvP portions of the map (ie. center of the island) unless you are fighting over Kingdom Towers. Since the entire server is PvP, the PvE/PvP boundaries we normally have while in PvX mode will be unclear.

Casual or New to PvP?

Kingdoms is a great way to enjoy PvP without the stress of constantly getting ganked; Or losing your favorite tames; Or having your base wiped and losing everything. Since combat only takes place around a Kingdom Tower, you can only lose what you decide to bring in. Your base and its contents are safe from PvP. Having a bad night? You can leave at any time and retreat to the safety of your home base.

Prefer Constant or Hardcore PvP?

There is at least one Kingdom in the permanent PvP zone. That can be attacked 24/7 which makes it significantly more difficult to hold onto. It also offers greater rewards for holding it. It is not for the faint of heart!

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Think of the Kingdoms as regions on the map. Each Kingdom, of course, has to have a Capitol. This would be the Kingdom Vault Tower. Below is a table of the Kingdom Vault Tower locations and ownership. To the right is a visual map for ease of reference.

Alpha Tribe

The Alpha tribe is the tribe with the most Kingdom Points under their control. The Alpha Tribe Leader will be chosen as the server Emperor. If the Tribe Leader is not known to the Admins, a member of the Alpha Tribe will be randomly selected to act as the Emperor. The Emperor has some very cool abilities granted to them for one-time use during the current Kingdoms round.

  • Suggest night of the next War.
  • Suggest time of the next War.
  • Pick the duration of the next War.
  • Pick one Kingdom to TAX 50% of their loot for yourself in the next war.
  • Pick one Kingdom to BLIGHT for the next war, reducing its point value.
  • 20% discount on all PvP purhcases in Skyfall Store.

Emperor Powers

Kingdom Points

Each Kingdom is worth a certain amount of points dependent on the relative difficulty in defending that Kingdom. More difficult to defend Kingdoms, like Frozen Tooth, are worth more points. Points are adjusted upward for each consecutive week a King has held his/her Kingdom. Kingdom Points are re-tabulated after each Kingdoms War session.

If a Kingdom is Blighted by the Emperor, its point value is greatly reduced, lowering its chance at competing in the upcoming War for the title of Alpha Tribe.


A War is simply the PvP portion of the event in which players/tribes fight over Kingdom Vaults. The number of consecutive wars a player owns the same Kingdom determines their Loot List multiplier. So if you have owned the same Kingdom for the third week in a row, we will give you 3x the Loot List.

Claiming a Kingdom

Kingdom Tower

Each Kingdom has a Kingdom Tower with a Vault built by Skyfall Masters on top of it. This vault will be UNLOCKED so that anyone may access it. The entire tower may not be intentionally attacked or damaged. At the conclusion of the War part of the event, Skyfall Staff will view the contents of each of these Kingdom Tower vaults to establish ownership. To claim ownership of a Kingdom, place a note with your discord name and Tribe Name written on it (Ramsonne#3832, Skyfall Masters) inside the Kingdom Vault.

Conquering a Kingdom

If you Claim a kingdom that belongs to another King, your first week Loot List multiplier is inherited from the conquered King. This is supposed to simulate the plunder or spoils of your conquest. Your second week of ownership, your Loot List multiplier reverts back down to two(2) and progresses from there normally.

Ex: If you conquer Frozen Tooth which has been held by the previous King for six weeks, your first Loot List Multiplier will be (6)six. The following week, if you still hold Frozen Tooth, your Loot List Multiplier will revert back to the norm of (2)two.
Kingdom TowerCoordsKingWarsInhPts
Stonehenge 87, 55 Prawnstarr-123 4 0 45
Southern Islets 75, 21 -- 0 0 45
Iceberg 16, 11 -- 0 0 50
Winter's Maw 14, 52 -- 0 0 35
Frozen Tooth 35, 57 Deviltailz 4 0 130
Hidden Lake 22, 68 PryingPike 5 0 49
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If you do not wish to participate in the event, do not leave any of your tribe assets near a Kingdom Tower.

  • Anyone may build around a Kingdom Tower at any time, during or outside of an event.
  • Kingdom Towers in the permanent PvP zones may be attacked any day, at any time.
  • Tribes may build whatever defenses they want, use whatever tames or items they want, to defend a Kingdom Tower so that only they may claim it.
  • Bed Blocking around Kingdom Towers during PvE is a permittable strategy as the beds can be destroyed when the server turns PvP.
  • Do not intentionally damage a Kingdom Tower or Vault. They are left UNLOCKED at all times.
  • Tribes may team up or form alliances at will.
  • Tribes may own as many Kingdom Towers as they like but each discord account only gets one entry in the giveaway. Each Kingdom Vault can only have one note(player), with one Discord name on it or all are void.
  • Each discord member(player) can only claim one Kingdom per event. If one player has a note in more than one Kingdom Vault, all of your notes will be voided.
  • Any player/tribe may join a Kingdom event at any time. There is no registration process.
  • At times the Skyfall Builders tribe may build a base somewhere in the perma PvE zone. This base may be raided during the PvP/War session of Kingdoms for loot. Players may fight within direct vicinity(sight) of the base.

During a Kingdoms event (while the server is full PvP), no one may attack/raid/kill any player or any player asset not in the direct vicinity(sight) of a Kingdom Tower. This includes caves or any other place inside the normal PvP zone. As a loose general rule regarding distance you can fight from a Kingdom Tower, anything you can see when standing at the Kingdom Tower you can attack during the event.

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To the Victor belong the spoils


At the end of the event, each player with their discord account on a note, in a Kingdom Vault, will be entitled to enter a giveaway in our discord. The discord Giveaway selects one entrant at random so everyone that owns a Kingdom has an equal chance of winning. The Giveaway will last about 24 hours after the event ends giving every Kingdom owner ample time to enter.

The Giveaway

Every player who claims a Kingdom Vault, is eligible to be an entrant in the Discord Giveaway for the event. The Giveaway can be considered First Prize. One entrant chosen at random will win the Discord Giveaway which includes the following;

  • 10,000 Metal Ingots
  • 2,000 Cementing Paste
  • 1,000 Polymer
  • (8) Eerie Turrets
  • 50 Rockets and a Rocket Turret
  • (5) Hand Launchers
  • More determined by Admins (more tribes that compete, the more loot we give)...

The Loot List

  • 2( x multiplier) Auto Turret(s)
  • 3( x multiplier) Metal Foundations
  • 2( x multiplier) Giant Metal Hatchframe(s)
  • 10( x multiplier) Metal Walls
  • 200( x multiplier) gasoline
  • 1( x multiplier) Journeyman quality Rocket Launcher(s)
  • 3( x multiplier) Vault(s)
  • 3( x multiplier) Eerie Turret(s)
  • 2( x multiplier) Ascendant Flak Suit (2k Durability)
  • 2( x multiplier) Element
  • One ( NO MULTIPLIER ) Tek Generator

Every participant who owns a Kingdom is entitled to receive a multiplier of the loot list. The number of consecutive Wars for which the player has owned the same Kingdom determines the value of the multiplier. The line items with a red background are specific to PvP zoned Kingdoms, also listed with red backgrounds in the Kingdoms Tower table.

Ex: If a player claims Stonehenge for the third War in a row, they would receive 3 auto turrets, 6 foundations, 3 Giant Metal hatchframes, 24 walls, 300 Gasoline, and 3 Rocket Launchers.

The Loot List Multiplier

The Loot List Multiplier is determined by the number of consecutive Wars for which you have owned your Kingdom. The multiplier caps out at ten (10). This multiplier is inherited when a Kingdom is newly captured. The new Kingdom owner receives the INHERITED multiplier from the last owner for the current war and then it resets back to one (1). This makes capturing a Kingdom long-held by a competitor desirable. Think of inheritance as the spoils an army would gain from conquering an enemy castle.

Ex: Suppose Player A has owned Stonehenge for six wars and then it is captured by Player B in the seventh. Player B would get six (6) time the Loot List rewards and only then does it reset the multiplier back down to one (1).
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