Supporter Mercenaries

These are players or staff that can be “leased” for some community events by Supporters that donate to our server. They are playing on alt characters that come with no equipment or tames. They cannot access Admin powers or anything else that other players cannot, so do not ask. You will need to add them to your tribe temporarily.

Event Mercenaries

Tribes can only hire one Mercenary per event. They will perform duties as asked but only as related to the event for which they were hired.

Dungeon Guide Mercenaries

Mercenaries can also be hired for two Dungeon Run attempts during any month you have contributed at the appropriate level in server donations. They will come equipped with their own, superior gear.

There is no guarantee their playtime will coincide with yours. Coordinate with Mercenaries via discord after hiring through Ramsonne.

Apprentice Pack

Apprentice Pack

Mastercraft Pack

Journeyman Pack