PvP Maze

We have a giant, physical Maze located on the coast around 40 18. Hurdles and dangers abound in this enormous death trap. Come prepared!


Multiple contestants will enter the PvP Maze at one time from different Contestant Doors. You will be given a Pin Code to open only one of (4) vaults placed at the center of the PvP Maze. In that vault will be another Pin Code to open any one of the four, red, Contestant Doors. Once through these Contestant Doors, you have successfully completed the maze and may keep whatever prize(s) you have in your inventory.

Informal agreements/alliances are allowed.

Wooden Storage BoxAt various points throughout the PvP Maze, you may find wooden Storage Boxes. These may be broken to get at the contents inside.


  1. You may fight any other player Contestants you come across inside the PvP Maze.
  2. Once you leave the PvP Maze, you may not re-enter. Your event is over. This includes death.
  3. You may fight any dinos you encounter inside.
  4. No explosives or destruction of the physical structure permitted in the PvP Maze. The only exception are the wooden Storage Boxes holding loot.
  5. No grappling, symbiotes, or any other means of bypassing boundaries such as walls or doors. Stay on your feet.
  6. You may not bring any tames inside the PvP Maze.
  7. Contestants may keep any loot they acquire inside the PvP Maze if they exit alive with it.
  8. No painting any parts of the PvP Maze.
  9. No placing any items/structure/etc. in or around the PvP Maze but for one sleeping bag outside your entrance.


Exit the Maze alive and you can keep whatever loot you have on your person. There will always be a wood Storage Box at the center of the Maze with bonus loot for the first person to grab it.