Raid Bases

Raid Bases are a gamble. All will be stocked with loot as reward for any player(s) who can get them. Some loot will be worth the raid and some will not. Smaller, weaker bases will usually have rewards not worthwhile for larger tribes and we ask that you leave them for smaller tribes.

Please do not attack or interfere with Skyfall Builders unless specifically invited to in an Event announcement.

Structures of Skyfall Builders should not be attacked until there are green billboards posted around the structure, indicating construction is complete and the rewards have been stocked in storage.

Note: Skyfall Builders members may at times defend their Raid Bases and such. They are the only Skyfall tribe that players may attack and ONLY during an event.

Note: Admins may post coordinates to bases with turrets in the private #event-alerts channel, exclusive to our Patrons.