Our essential rule-set is posted on discord for player convenience. The following is a more comprehensive list of rules and expectations. Please be sure to follow these rules when playing on our server(s). Failure to do so may get your account banned, or any other judgement deemed appropriate at the sole discretion of our Admins. We want everyone to perform as well as they can by the same set of rules.

Attacking Player Bases

In short, don’t attack player bases in the permanent PvE zones. As an issue of common courtesy, no player should ever enter the base of another without being invited in. With this in mind, players may use any legal means necessary to defend their bases. Base owners may rightly assume that anyone entering without invitation is there to attack, snipe, egg-steal, or anything else of malicious intent. Your base is your home and only Game Admins may enter without your permission.

What About During Events?

There are player events we host in which the entire server will be set to Full PvP. Players may not raid other player bases that are normally in PvE zones even when they are temporarily in PvP status. Likewise, you may not attack tames in said bases. Players should not pvp anywhere during such an event except for the event. Even what is normally a permanent PvP zone, like Volcano, is off-limits when the entire server becomes PvP. The problem is the normal PvE boundaries are not clearly marked at these times and so to avoid misunderstandings, no PvP except for the event.


An exploit is using an unintended game mechanic that violates the intent of the developers. Most are discouraged by Skyfall staff. No meshing or third-party scripts/hacks. No Box Mammoths. If not expressly detailed below, ask an Admin before taking advantage of one.

Structure Grief in PvE

Players cannot break items in PvE. Therefore we do not allow others to bed-block the structure of another player. No building in a manner that blocks players from accessing public domain such as caves or waterways.

Glitching Inside Structure

Glitching inside structure you do not own is a game exploit. It is difficult to prove, as a violator can always say they were invited in and we as Admins do not really have a way of determining if this is true or not. If we witness it, or an attempt to do so, we will hold you accountable.

Infinite Water Source

There is a simple trick to “create” an instant and infinite water source anywhere of your choosing. Enough for drinking, watering crops, kitchen,.. its an infinite supply. It is also a benign bug. This is one exploit that Skyfall Admins not only allow, but we insist you use it. Long water lines to water sources needlessly take up structure on the server. If we see them, we will Warn you and break them.

Raft Limit

The game mechanics are intended to limit tribes to four rafts per tribe and will be enforced.

Generator Glitching

Generators are intended to consume fuel to run. Make sure this is the case for your own.

Amber Accounts

Amber accounts are not allowed on the server.

Contraband Possession

There are a number of instances in which players may be tempted to acquire items or tames that are not in the typical fashion of working for them. It is usually best to avoid these.

Possession of Admin Assets

It is general knowledge, we do not sell eggs or breedable dinos on Skyfall. If you happen to somehow come into possession of an un-spayed/neutered dino of ours, or any other property of Skyfall, you are expected to immediately #create-ticket on our discord and inform an Admin who can take it back. Do not breed it. Do not let others breed it. Do not give it away or sell it or trade it. If you are caught in possession of such items, or not returning it immediately to us, the consequence will be severe so please do not test us.

Structure Demo

Game Admins frequently demo abandoned player structure. When doing so, do not approach them. Do not loot what they break or leave behind.

Tame Unclaim Purges

When we have a Tame Unclaim purge, all players are expected to stay within their bases until the server restarts with Tame Unclaim again toggled off. Do not attempt to travel to other bases to claim their dinos.

Accepting Hack Items

Generally speaking, players do not just give out premium or hard-earned items like Eerie turrets or Element. Hackers will at times enter a server and offer these things for free just to upset the balance and fair play on a server with malicious intent. It is advised you do not accept anything from another player you do not know has played on the server as a regular member.

If your friend you have known for two months decides to quit Ark and offers to give you some tames, this is acceptable. If someone you never met before offers you element, this is not acceptable.


Game Admins should not be interfered with or their assets harassed in any way. The one exception is Skyfall Builders tribe in regards to events. They build structures you can raid and in certain events you can attack their members. Admins are usually quite busy. We have some of the best and they have full lives outside of Ark. They are parents, working professionals, and offer their time, patience, and Ark expertise to make one of the best gaming experiences Ark Mobile has to offer. To make best use of their time, they often handle more than one job or support issue at a time.

Follow Admin Directions

We insist that you follow Admin directions immediately ingame. If you take issue with staff directions, you may #create-ticket for further explanation or discussion but do not delay or refuse them ingame. If you do, there is a good chance you will simply receive a one-day(or more) Ban.

Admin Support

If you require support from an Admin, do not ask for them ingame. You may simply be muted. Do not send them DMs in discord unless they reach out to you first. We require that you have an account on our discord to receive any support at all. You should #create-ticket for all inquiries and requests. This includes kits, questions, getting stuck, and anything else you can dream up.

Do Not Lie to Admins

If an Admin catches you lying to them, they will not take it lightly. We tend to stay behind the scenes and allow players to enjoy the game without our intrusion. In the event that we feel the need to interfere, we do not want to waste time pulling the truth out of you. Be forthright and honest. If you waste our time keeping information from us or lying, you will likely lose any presumed innocence.

Admin Bases

Do not approach near Admin bases under any circumstance. You will lose whatever mount or items you have on you and likely incur a ban. There is a particularly large one that covers much of the west side of Redwood Forest. It is in the pvp zone and has turrets. Most of the base is surrounded by Gold Battlements as visual markers to remind players to keep out. You can approach the Swamp Cave from the west. Fly straight east toward the lake entrance from the west shore of Redwood and you will be ok. From any other direction you may be shot. There is also a public facility that allows for safe access to the Swamp Cave entrance, to make things easier for players.

Player Bases

Unless you were invited in, stay out of other player bases. The only exception would be during an event that expressly calls for it such as The Purge.

The Skyfall Name

You may not use the name SKYFALL in your tribe/character/discord name, or any other way. Do not impersonate Game Admins or staff.

Player Conduct

In short, be respectful of others. No racial slurs, sexually explicit content, or excessive personal attacks will be tolerated. Take that stuff to private channels.

Do Not Give Out Server Passwords

Players need to get server passwords themselves. If your tribemate does not have a verified discord account on our discord, they cannot login when we have a password. If caught, you both face a ban.


Your ingame name must begin with at least 3 normal english letters and adhere to our rules of decorum. We want your ingame name to match your Discord one. So either choose a name ingame to match your Discord account, or inform an Admin by #create-ticket that you need a name change in Discord to match your ingame character.

Rules of Decorum

In game and Discord, no racial slurs or explicit sexual content. Do not get carried away with personal attacks. No real-life threats.

Self/Other Promotion

Do not discuss other servers, including Official, on our media. No other-party or self-promotion, links, etc.