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Currency FAQ

Rammy Bucks are a form of digital currency exclusive to You earn it in a number of ways such as by participating in our player events, doing tasks ingame, or donating real money to our server. This page is where you access your Rammy Bucks account. You can check your balance, obtain your PLAYER ID to give to other players who want to send you RBs, or send RBs to other players. You can also convert your RBs to a coupon to be used as credit in the Skyfall store.

There is a comprehensive list of all the ways you can earn Rammy Bucks and their pay rates above. Some of them include;

  • when you collect a Fragment and submit it on our site;
  • when you submit Abandoned Assets you find on the map;
  • as a daily reward for donating to our server;
  • when you Claim a Kingdom;
  • when you sell us a Blueprint
  • when you complete a Quest;
  • when you invite valid players to our Discord server.

Once you earn a minimum of 2,000 RBs you can convert them into a Store Coupon to purchase any items in the Rammy Bucks category in our store! Create a support ticket in our discord to have an Admin convert your RBs to a store credit coupon.

You can also send RBs to other players to pay for something ingame, because they're pretty, or for any reason at all really. You just need to enter their Player ID and the amount of RBs you want to send them.

Yes! You can send RBs to other players if they give your their Player ID.