The Compound

The Compound

Skyfall Compound tribe has built the Generators, turrets, and defenses for The Compound at 72 40. They will form an Alliance with any tribes approved for residence, affording those tribes our protection. Any player with an active Supporter status with the Compound perk may #-create-ticket to request residency for their tribe.

New Player Protection

All players new to Skyfall are entitled to a 2-week stay in our staff-protected Compound. This will give you time to get on your feet and collect resources to build a defendable base of your own. If you wish to stay longer, you may extend your stay indefinitely by donating to our server.


  • Do not damage Skyfall Compound assets.
  • You may not place any turrets or plant x.
  • No tames larger than Theri in The Compound… except one quetz per tribe.
  • Do not attack/raid/steal from any other Compound resident. You may of course attack trespassers.
  • Tribe Owners are responsible for the actions of their members.
  • Do not paint any of your assets red or white.
  • No beds in The Compound. You can place sleeping bags.
  • No battlements, behemoth gates, hedges, spike walls, or fences in the compound.
  • One building per tribe. No more than three walls high.
  • No purely aesthetic or non-functional building in the compound.