The Purge

The Purge


Skyfall PvX is hosting The Purge. On a monthly basis, the server will be switched over to PvXC for a 24-hour period. All assets within the changing PvP zone are fair-game for raiding! There are two exceptions. Skyfall tribes of course are off limits unless it is a Skyfall Builders Raid Base; And any tribe with “[NP]” at the beginning of their Tribe Name are not allowed to raid or be raided during the event.

When is it?

The Purge will be on a schedule that approximates once per calendar month. It will be a 24-hour period over a weekend and will always be announced with advance notice in our discord so that tribes may prepare.

Event Opt-Out

If your tribe name begins with “[NP]“, you may not raid any other bases and you may not be raided during the event. You may not participate in the event in any capacity. You cannot, for instance, help a participating tribe raid or defend a raid. IT IS INCUMBENT UPON PLAYERS TO RENAME THEIR OWN TRIBES!

Can I Login During The Purge?

If your tribe has Opted Out of The Purge, you may still login and play. You may NOT participate in any way. You cannot raid someone. You cannot assist a friend that is participating. etc.

During The Purge, you leave the safety of your base at your own risk.

We strongly suggest you stay out of PvP zones during the event or in your base. If a participant sees you in PvP, they cannot be expected to check first if you are a participating tribe before assuming you mean them ill will. We will enforce rules regarding raiding a non participants base. We will not get involved in alleged accidental player attacks in the PvP zone.


  • There is no registration process. Every player is automatically enrolled. Tribes must “opt-out” if they do not wish to participate.
  • Do Not attack or raid Skyfall Tribes assets. Skyfall Builders Raid Bases, as always, are raidable.
  • Do Not attack or raid any tribe whose name begins with “[NP]“.
  • If your tribe Opts Out of the event, you may not participate in the event in any capacity.
  • The start time and weekend day may change from one event to another. It will be announced in our Discord.
  • Our regular server rules remain in effect.
  • You cannot change your tribe’s participation in the middle of a Purge. Once it’s started, status/participation changes do not need to be honored.